About the project

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The Gaming for Mutual Learning in Elder Care (GAMLEC) project is about promoting high quality standards in elder care.

The GAMLEC project aims at providing an easy-to-access and playful way to acquire and share knowledge and competencies by means of a board game with learning card decks.

The GAMLEC game will be available free of charge on a publicly accessible e-learning platform that will also provide all necessary guidelines, instructions, related materials and further information. A broader and easy-to-access knowledge on standards of quality for dependent seniors enables the target group to make a factual contribution to a sector characterised by a lack of professional carers.

The aim of the Erasmus+ GAMLEC project is to provide training that:
– promotes high quality standards in elderly care
– takes scarcity of resources into consideration
– makes learning easy, and complex content accessible
– is innovative.